Beverly Hills Hair Restoration

Dr. Amir Yazdan is a board certified hair restoration surgeon with offices in Beverly Hills and Orange County, California

Dr. Yazdan performs FUE – follicular unit extraction and FUT – follicular unit transplantation for appropriate patients. Both procedures provide exceptionally natural results and Dr. Yazdan will review with his patients their hair loss condition, age, health and cosmetic goals.

In his Beverly Hills office no two hair transplant patients are alike and Dr. Yazdan will develop a customized approach to achieve the best aesthetic result.

FUE Hair Transplant Beverly Hills

FUE hair transplants in Los Angeles are popular with patients with less severe hair loss and wish to trim their hair very short in the back of their head.

With FUE hair transplant individual follicular units of 1-3 hairs are removed with a tiny .7 to 1 mm circular scalpel. The scar is so tiny that it is invisible to the human eye and is often called a “scarless hair transplant”.

FUT Hair Transplant Beverly Hills

FUT hair transplants involve the surgeon extracting a long narrow strip of hair bearing tissue from the back of the head (donor area) and then the follicular units are dissected under microscope. Typically more hair can be transplanted per session, more efficiently with this technique and a fine linear scar is easily covered with the hair in the back of the scalp and requires very close examination to be found once the area has healed.

Once the follicles have been extracted the rest of the hair transplant procedure is the same with tiny pin needle incisions created by Dr. Yazdan and then the hair grafts placed to recreate your natural hair pattern and growth prior to losing your hair.

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