When someone had a failed hair transplant procedure, any hope of cosmetically normal appearance seems to be distant.

A large percentage of procedures done at Modena Hair Institute are repair procedures which are to correct badly done hair transplant procedure. Although “a bad hair transplant “ can sufficiently affect a person’s quality of life, recent advances can improve the cosmetic appearance of those who have had even the worst hair restoration procedure.

Botched Robotic Repair Lecture By Dr. Amir Yazdan of Modena Hair Institute

Dr. Amir Yazdan of Newport Beach California provides a Lecture on Botched FUE and Robotic Repair as a Founding Faculty for the Global Hair Loss Summit which took place in December 2020. This video is meant to educate physicians however provides good information for those looking for FUE Robotic or Artas Hair Transplants.

There are several factors that can lead to a poor hair transplant outcome.

  • Old or outdated plug technique. Hair transplants were originally performed using large 3-4mm hair plugs. Patients who underwent this type of procedure in the past can be helped significantly. The new natual follicular units can be transplanted to soften or camouflage the old plugs and restore a natural appearance. In some cases if the plugs were placed incorrectly we can re-transplant the hair from the plugs to the correct area and in the correct growth direction.
  • Inexperienced surgeon and staff. Some patients have gone to physicians who only rarely or occasionally perform hair restoration surgery. Hair restoration is a very precise and highly specialized field. Almost all the top practitioners in the field specialize exclusively, like Dr. Yazdan, in hair restoration surgery. Inexperience can lead to poor hair growth, bad hair growth angles of the transplanted hair and scarring.
  • Large donor scar.Large donor scars are typcially the result of either poor surgical technique when closing or an overly aggressive harvest of hair, therefor creating unnecssary tension on the wound which leads to the wide scar. At Modena Hair Institute Dr. Yazdan specializes in donor scar correction and will utilize several options including a revised closure, excising the previous scar and using a Trichophytic technique. In some cases Dr. Yazdan may transplant hair using the FUE procedure to camouflage the scar with new hair growth.

Donor Scar Repair With Follicular Unit Extraction

The patient below had a linear donor scar from a previous FUT strip hair transplant from another surgeon. Dr. Yazdan performed a FUE hair transplant to fill in the previous hair transplant and transplanted hair grafts directly into the previous scar completely camouflaging the donor scar. Photo to the left prior to transplantation, middle – immediately after surgery and after is 8 months after surgery.

Body and Beard Donor Hair Transplant

This video shows the FUE procedure with grafts being taken from the chest and the beard and transplanted onto the scalp.

This patient came to our clinic with wide scarring and poor results from previous hair transplant procedures done at another clinic. He had very little donor density left and taking grafts from the head was not an option.

It was decided to extract the grafts from the Beard and the chest and transplant them onto the scalp. This hair grows very well and is very similar to scalp hair. There is minimal to no scarring as Dr. Yazdan uses a very small 0.7mm punch to extract the grafts.

There is good news

Regardless of the result of your previous hair transplant result Dr. Yazdan has the expertise, tools and surgical options available to significantly improve your cosmetic results and improve your personal satisfaction.