PRP Hair Regrowth Therapy in Newport Beach, Beverly Hills, & Las Vegas

Thinning or Losing Hair? Both Men and Women in Orange County are candidates for this advanced procedure.

PRP can help restore Hair Loss by converting hair follicles in the Telogen (Resting) phase back into the Anagen (Growing) phase.

ACell Can Be Added To PRP To Increase Effectiveness Of The Procedure

ACell is a product consisting of additional Growth Factors that can be Added to PRP to help achieve better results.

PRP Hair Loss Treatment

PRP is a concentration of your own autologous platelets which have reservoirs filled with powerful growth factors and healing agents. It is “harvested” from your own blood. This is done by collecting a small volume of your blood and spinning it down to separate the red blood cells from the platelet cells. This resulting PRP is then activated and introduced back under the skin by a series of tiny injections. PRP helps signal your body’s own stem cells and growth cells to jump start the healing, repair, and rejuvenating process.

PRP specific cells that causes hair growth include:

  • Platelet-Derived Growth Factor (PDGF)—promotes blood vessel growth, cell replication, skin formation;
  • Transforming Growth-Factor-Beta (TGF-b)—promotes growth of matrix between cells, bone metabolism;
  • Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF)—promotes blood vessel formation;
  • Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF)—promotes cell growth and differentiation, blood vessel formation, collagen formation;
  • Fibroblast Growth Factor-2 (FGF-2)—promotes growth of specialized cells and blood vessel formation; and,
  • Insulin Like Growth Factor – (IGF)—a regulator of normal physiology in nearly every type of cell in the body.

The powerful growth factors and healing agents in PRP also help decrease inflammation around thinning hair follicles leading to thicker, denser hair! This is great for patients who are losing hair and want to stop or slow down future hair loss.

Results can become visible at about 3 weeks and increase gradually over ensuing months. Light dermal rolling will enhance the results and should be used every day for six weeks.


What is FolliGro?

Folligro is a trademarked PRP (plasma-rich platelet) injection system that was developed by the medical doctors at Modena Hair Institute. We have created a unique formula that combines PRP with long-lasting ECM (extracellular matrix) to prolong the benefits of your own body’s ability to fight hair loss. We coupled this with supplements such as Vitamin D to help with proliferation of human mesenchymal stem cells 1 to further enhance the benefits.

What are PRP (plasma-rich platelet) injections and how is it done?

PRP is an FDA approved procedure with multiple uses and benefits. The procedure was initially used in the 1970’s for heart transplants and has since been used in cosmetic surgery, dentistry, sports medicine and pain management. The procedure entails whole-blood withdrawal, centrifugation, and injection of plasma and its beneficial components into the patient’s scalp to help slow hair loss. Folligro is our trademarked system, whereby we add supplements and vitamins to the plasma prior to injection. The intervals, additives, and quantity are uniquely tailored to each patient. PRP can be done in conjunction with a hair transplant surgery or as a non-surgical supplement to you your current regimen.

Does PRP work?

There are clinical studies that have shown the efficacy of PRP. The presumed mechanism is that elements within the plasma, such as: platelet-derived growth factor, transforming growth factor beta, fibroblast growth factor, insulin-like growth factor 1, insulin-like growth factor 2, vascular endothelial growth factor, epidermal growth factor, Interleukin 8, keratinocyte growth factor, connective tissue growth factor help stimulate the immune and endocrine systems to decrease hair loss. For more details of the clinical studies, please refer to links below:

Folligro sounds great, how do I find out more information?

Please call our staff to schedule an appointment with one of our medical doctors who will review your personal hair loss history and tell you if PRP with Folligro is right for you.

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1. Platelet-rich plasma and 1,25(OH)2 vitamin D3 synergistically stimulate osteogenic differentiation of adult human mesenchymal stem cells. Yong Feng; Yuan Sun; Weitao Jia; Changqing Zhang