Asian Hair Transplantation in Beverly Hills, Newport Beach and Las Vegas

The basic principals of hair restoration surgery are the same for all races and ethnicity including Asians. Hair follicles are removed from the sides and the back of the scalp and then transplanted into the bald areas. As long as the hair follicle is intact and was not damaged during the harvest process the hair will continue to grow exactly as it did from the donor region from which it was removed.

There are however distinct differences in physiology that can impact the cosmetic result in the Asian patient.

Hair Density

The Asian patient typically has less hair density versus the typical Caucasian patient. This means that in a healthy donor area the hair follicles are more spaced apart providing fewer follicular units per square centimeter.

Hairline Design

Many Asians, particularly males have blunter forehead and as a result require a more rounded versus peaked hair line design to create a natural and proportionate hairline.

Risk of Scarring

There is a slightly higher risk of scarring in Asian patients. If there is a specific genetic history of scarring or keloids Dr. Yazdan may suggest performing a small test sessions to assure that no scarring occurs. With all patients who have a linear scar excision Dr. Yazdan performs a a closure technique that minimizes tension which is often the cause of a wider scar and injects PRP – platelet rich plasma which encourages healing.

Based on the patient’s needs and cosmetic goals Dr. Yazdan will perform either FUE or FUT hair transplant procedures on Asian patients.

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