A word from Dr. Amir Yazdan of Modena Hair Institute:

Thank you for taking the most important step of all in having scheduled your in-person consultation with a professional hair restoration specialist.

Increasing numbers of unwitting patients are falling prey to selling tactics of large commercial clinics, non-specialist clinics and other disreputable hair restoration centers. In order to counter the gross misinformation and misunderstanding surrounding the art and science of true hair transplantation, I’ve put together a very small video catalogue to simply and clearly explain the process that lies ahead.

I urge every potential hair transplant patient to acquaint themselves with the useful information therein contained.

Amir Yazdan M.D.

Try Guys Got An ARTAS Hair Transplant – Joe Tillman Analysis

Zach from The Try Guys gets a hair transplant! I thought this was a really interesting video and congratulations to Zach for confronting his hair loss. The problem is that I think he went about it the wrong way.

Zach From The Try Guys Hair Transplant- What Happened?

Well, it’s finally time to analyze Zach from The Try Guy’s hair transplant result after not one year, but fifteen months. We’ve all been waiting for The Try Guys to make an updated video but it hasn’t materialized. Not a problem, I’ll analyze the result based on Zach’s Instagram posts over the the past two years.

Dr. Amir Yazdan Endorses the IAHRS as a proud member

Dr. Amir Yazdan talks with Spencer Kobren on The Bald Truth about the importance of being a part of the most trusted and respected organisation in the hair transplant industry, The International Alliance Hair Restoration Surgeons and what it means to be an accepted member.

Botched Hair Transplant Repair by Dr. Yazdan in Newport Beach California

Follow world renowned hair transplant guru Spex Spencer Stevenson as he sits in to document the repair of a botched hair transplant. Dr. Yazdan describes the procedure and shows the repair. Stay tuned for this patient’s dramatic results.

Botched Robotic Repair Lecture By Dr. Amir Yazdan of Modena Hair Institute

Dr. Amir Yazdan of Newport Beach California provides a Lecture on Botched FUE and Robotic Repair as a Founding Faculty for the Global Hair Loss Summit which took place in December 2020. This video is meant to educate physicians however provides good information for those looking for FUE Robotic or Artas Hair Transplants.

Dr. Yazdan Feature: ‘The Bald Truth’ on Transparency

We here at Modena Hair Institute are pleased to highlight that Dr. Yazdan has been mentioned on the long running, critically acclaimed self-help podcast ‘The Bald Truth‘. ‘The Bald Truth’, hosted by Spencer Kobren, is a program dedicated to providing a discerning listenership with a nuanced understanding on the topic of hair loss and all its practices.


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