The “IT” hairstyle for men this summer

Every summer, we get a handful of new “it” men’s hairstyles. They range from more trendier styles, to more vintage-inspired throwbacks.
While most men typically stick to one general hairstyle for a long time, there can be benefits to switching it up.
A new hairstyle means a fresh and stylish look. And an added bonus: it makes you look more youthful too.
Take a look through this summer’s “it” styles and pick your summer ‘do.
Skin fade
This look is bold and playful, yet simple.

Hair designs
Trendy and young, these are the go to for the younger generation.

It looks like undercuts are here to stay. This vintage style is as fresh and relevant as ever.

Short slick-back
This style consists of shaved sides, a short back, and a slightly longer front to slick back.

High taper
Short is always in style. Visit your local barber to get a smooth-polished look.

Buzzed taper with a line up
This style looks best when done professionally. This look is clean and polished and never goes wrong.

You’ll need lots of product to keep this pomp looking good in the summer heat.

Short cut
Too busy to style your hair? This style requires no work and always looks good.

Side part
This style is classic and slick. The part is highlighted with the longer hair on top so you have that fresh-cut look longer.