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Mar 31, 2018

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Dr. Yazdan Performs Advanced PRP Cell Therapy on TV show ‘The Doctors’

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Hair loss can be demoralizing and distressing, especially for 8-year-old Aolani who was stricken by

Medical Reasons for Acquiring a Hair Transplant

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Just as some men and women may need a liver or kidney transplant, there are patients who could reap

Body Hair Transplant to Scalp: Is it Possible?

Mar 08, 2018

Transplantation of body hair in to the scalp has been an option to treat extensive cases of baldness

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Medical Negligence on Physicians Behalf

Mar 02, 2018

More and more people are falling prey to the problem of rapid hair loss. This has long drawn adverse

Botched Hair Transplant: Careless Mistake

Mar 01, 2018

More men and women are turning to hair transplant surgeries to correct their male or female pattern