Correcting Bad Hair Transplants

Aug 28, 2019

Contemporary hair loss sufferers are quite spoiled for choices in today’s hair transplant marketpl

Warning Against Medical Tourism and Black-Market Clinics

Aug 26, 2019

As a specialist in botched and corrective hair transplants, Dr. Amir Yazdan of Modena Hair Institute

Treatment for Early Signs of Balding

Aug 22, 2019

The progressive nature of hair loss causes its sufferers to experience a mounting sense of dread and

Achieving the Right Density During your Hair Transplant

Aug 21, 2019

According to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), of men who’ve had hair

Are You a Candidate for a FUE Transplant?

Aug 11, 2019

In the modern era of hair transplants, there have been few innovations as exciting & vital as th

What is Causing My Hair Loss?

Aug 10, 2019

Hair loss can happen at any age. At Modena Hair Institute we’ve designed topical and medical hair

Hair Transplant Repair: What Are Your Options?

Aug 09, 2019

A botched hair transplant can be traumatic to say the absolute least. At best, the scalp is scarred

FUT Procedure, Step by Step

Aug 07, 2019

*This blog is a transcription of a video covering a Modena Hair Institute patient who saw Dr. Yazdan

Dr. Yazdan Named One of the Top Hair Transplant Surgeons in the World

Aug 05, 2019

Spencer ‘Spex’ Stevenson, one of the most prolific and well-known hair loss mentors in the world

World Renowned Hair Transplant Advisor – Spex – Joins Modena as Patient Advisor

Aug 04, 2019

The hair transplant industry has a guardian angel and his name is Spencer ‘Spex’ Stevenson. As a

What is PRP Therapy?

Aug 03, 2019

PRP therapy, also known as platelet rich plasma therapy, is an increasingly popular technique for ha