Advanced Hair loss addressed with a FUE FUT Combo Hair Transplant Surgery

Our patient travelled to us Modena Hair Institute  here in Newport Beach  from the midwest with advanced hair loss in both his hairline and front as well as his crown and is under 35 years old. After a consultation with Dr. Amir Yazdan it was decided that the best approach for this patient would be to perform a combination FUE and FUT hair transplant surgery to yield the best results for this patient.

By performing this combination procedure Dr. Yazdan was able to safely harvest 4,218 grafts in total. This allowed Dr. Yazdan to recreate the patient’s hairline and greatly improve the density in the frontal zone as well as adding coverage to the patient’s crown area in one sitting.  Here we share is 6 months results, while noting that he is only experiencing about half the growth of the transplanted follicles. Over the next 6-12 months his hair will continue to improve in density.

While candidates are generally recommended one method over the other there are certain patients who are great candidates for either surgery or even both. It is crucial for prospective patients to always do their research and seek how surgeons who focus solely on hair, and perform both FUE and FUT procedures to receive an unbiased opinion on what is truly the best for the patient.

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