Dr. Yazdan Performs Advanced PRP Cell Therapy on TV show ‘The Doctors’

Hair loss can be demoralizing and distressing, especially for 8-year-old Aolani who was stricken by a serious epidemic affecting our youth-bullying. Unhappy with her real hair, Aolani wore threaded extensions to school daily which caused her classmates to yank and pull on the hair creating traction. Unfortunately, this generated space under the scalp for severe infection. Festering for days if not weeks until her mother and grandmother had realized the infection existed-rushing her to the emergency room only to find out from the ER doctor that her case was equivalent to a 3rd degree burn and there’s a good chance the damaged hair would never grow back.

At a loss of what to do next- they reached out to television producers of hit tv show ‘The Doctors’ in hopes there would be a small miracle to restore Aolani’s damaged scalp. Thankfully, top hair restoration specialist, Dr. Yazdan was called in to assess and correct the issue at hand with advanced PRP Cell Therapy of the scalp. PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma, is a concentration of platelets using your very own blood that are high in growth factors and healing agents. Although PRP Cell Therapy has just recently hit the mainstream media for its clinical benefits, this treatment has been around for quite some time-hence why you may have heard of professional athletes using PRP procedures to accelerate their wound healing.

How Does PRP Cell Therapy Work?
Platelet Rich Plasma & Cell Therapy is a non-surgical injection treatment starting with an autologous blood collection-the drawing of blood from a patient. The blood is then spun in a centrifuge system separating into platelet rich and platelet poor plasma. The platelet rich plasma is now high in growth factors and is then injected by an experienced physician into the area of concern. At Modena Hair Restoration, Dr. Yazdan performs an abundance of PRP procedures weekly, finding 3-4 treatments necessary in the first year for optimal results!
There are many women who could benefit from such treatments due to countless years of wearing hair extensions, wigs, or extremely tight ponytails pulling on the scalp which eventually leads to scarring of the hair follicles in a form of (potentially permanent) hair loss called Traction Alopecia.
“This procedure offers exciting new possibilities to promote and accelerate bone and soft tissue healing” says researchers from the University of Rochester.
Some doctors have been known to discredit the use of PRP as a regenerative therapy for hair regrowth, yet, aren’t educated enough in this approach or aren’t as experienced as some of your top hair restoration surgeons – as you can see in the video below, Dr. Yazdan’s results speak for themselves. The good news is that skilled physicians using modern medicine is making it easier for our bodies to regenerate themselves and as an advanced procedure, platelet rich plasma has played a vital role in this. This treatment has minimal risks and is effectively used to treat men and women suffering from hair loss.
At Modena Hair Restoration, we find it important to note- Advanced PRP Cell Therapy is just one of many  treatments available for hair regenerative purposes. Dr. Yazdan offers many other treatments and medical management plans in order to continue an invaluable hair maintenance regimen.

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