Avoiding Unnatural Results

While the hair transplant industry is booming and we’re seeing more people turning to surgery to correct their hair loss; we need to be advised of the good, the bad, and the ugly! While there are medications designed to treat hair loss, many people are opting for the more permanent and lasting solution to their problem. As time has progressed, surgeons have continued to perfect the technique of unit extraction and transplantation. This has done wonders for all the hair loss sufferers out there in terms of not only restoring their hair – but their self-confidence as well.

In this guide, you’ll learn what you need to know about hair restoration before you embark on a procedure, so you don’t end up with unnatural, noticeable, and downright ugly looking hair – to be frank.
Let’s explore 6 concepts that can potentially make a hairline, and an overall hair transplant result look fake and unnatural.

    • Hairline is too straight (vertical) – This being a cardinal sin. When a hairline loses its ‘micro-rugged’ appearance, the hair pattern can come out looking simply ridiculous and obvious that it’s artificial. You want it to look truly ‘irregular’ (for lack of a better word) upon close inspection. What causes a straight or vertical hairline? This is 100% due to the skill of your physician. Transplanting hairs isn’t as easy as one may think- it takes skill and artistry to angle the site making in a proper manner in order to achieve a natural flow.
    • Unnatural grafting – this one combines a host of technical errors that include too large of grafts (i.e. 4 hair grafts or more) in the front hairline, the angles of the grafts being improperly too high, pitting from placing the grafts too deep, grafts being squeezed down causing compression because the grafts do not fit in the previously made sites.
    • Punch size – in terms of hair restoration, size matters! Punch size refers to the size of the tool used in an FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) in order to harvest grafts from the donor zone. Larger punch tools require larger sites to be made at the recipient area, in this case, your risk of scarring can increase dramatically. Many physicians either don’t feel competent enough to perform a successful hair transplant using smaller punches or they find it easier and quicker to use a larger punch instrument when extracting thousands of grafts, making it less taxing on them, yet, your paying the price with less than satisfying results! You’re risk of scarring goes up, while your grafts success rate goes down. Many physicians label their punch tools ‘A & B’ so you can’t see the size they’re using. Don’t let them fool you! Dr. Yazdan is one of the few hair restoration surgeons out there that are willing and able to get clean, crisp 1-2 hair grafts easily using some of the smallest punches.

  • Shape and position of the hairline is off– when the shape of the hairline (made by the physician) does not match the normal shape of a man or woman’s hairline, it can be a dead giveaway that a hair transplant was done. In addition, if the physician positions the hairline down too far (i.e. the forehead), this can also prove to be an aesthetically unpleasing appearance. Hairlines should almost always rest on the transition from the forehead to the scalp and not any lower. Another common mistake inexperienced physicians tend to make is not evaluating the hairline from the side profile as well. The slope of the hairline should taper off as the hairline goes back and if not done correctly, can be another dead giveaway.
  • Hairline doesn’t match the temples – when the hairline shape and the degree of recession are not matched, your results could look very unnatural. Rebuilding the temple to match the hairline can be an important part of the hair transplant procedure. Forcing the hairline too far anteriorly would mismatch the degree of the temple recession.
  • Hair plugs – let’s not forget to mention the use of hair plugs back in the day. The unsightly appearance of hair plugs… the fundamental problem with the unnatural-appearing hair graft is the graft size. Hair plugs use upwards of 20 or more hairs in a single graft which meant using a punch instrument of 1.5-1.7mm. Nowadays, some of your most experienced and highly qualified surgeons such as Dr. Yazdan use a punch size of 0.7-0.8mm extracting 1-3 hair grafts – smaller punches and smaller grafts spread out make for a much more natural look.

Can a botched hair transplant be fixed?
 In these cases, you’ll be happy to know that a botched hair transplant procedure can be fixed. A knowledgeable and experienced surgeon can fix the issue, however its not easy and will end up costing you more in the long run so try to avoid this and learn from other people’s mistakes-not your own!
For such procedure, you’ll want to find a board-certified surgeon who is experienced in hair restoration. This is important, because the process of hair transplant restoration has its own techniques and methods. Unfortunately, there’s no quality control with inexperienced doctors using assistants or technicians to basically run their clinics. You don’t want your head of hair to end up in the hands of a rookie surgeon becoming one of his or her many, guinea pigs! In addition, it requires a special skill in order to work around scarring and other issues associated with a bad or botched hair transplant.
If you do choose to undergo a hair transplant, we recommend you take the time in finding the right surgeon. A hair transplant is a cosmetic procedure, you want to be sure to choose a surgeon with experience and expertise. While cost is important to consider, it’s obvious, you do ‘get what you pay for.’
Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Yazdan, adds, “My goal when I perform a hair transplant procedure is to make it almost impossible for another experienced surgeon in my business to recognize the hairline is ‘fake’ even with those of the most trained eyes.”
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