A recent DIY home-remedy to give long, silky hair is trending. The author of the method states it’s a tried and true old Indian method that’s been passed down generations.

Reviewers and followers of the method swear by its success and have pictures as proof. Many individuals have seen a 30% increase in hair growth after just 1 or 2 months of regular use.

The routine is simple: all you have to do is get your hands on an aloe vera leaf, castor oil, coconut oil, and vitamin E capsules. These products can be found at an organic supermarket or drug store.

While we haven’t tried the method ourselves, there is promising evidence of the success of vitamin E and warm oil on hair growth and overall hair health.

We give it our safe stamp of approval and encourage you to try this all-natural method for hair growth and let us know how it works!

Step 1. Cut open an aloe vera leaf. Rub the gel all over the scalp.

Step 2. Combine 1-2 tbsp of castor oil, coconut oil, and the contents of 1 vitamin E capsule in a small bowl.

Step 3. Place the small bowl of oil inside a larger bowl filled with hot water. This warms up the oil.

Step 4. After the oil mixture is warm (takes about 4-5 mins) massage it into entire scalp. This promotes circulation and encourages hair growth and absorption. Do this for 4-5 minutes.

Step 5. Let soak in hair overnight. If you have long hair, put it in a tight braid. If you have short hair you may want to wear a shower cap to bed to protect linens.

Step 6. Wake up and wash the oil out. This method should be utilized 4-5 times a week for maximum results. Results should be evident after 2 months of continued use.

Pro tip: consider taking before and after pictures to track your progress!