2500 FUE Hair Transplant Grafts – 6 Month Follow Up

This is a before and 6 month after 2500 FUE hair grafts were performed in one session by Dr. Yazdan . Patient is a 33 ye

Poor Donor Closure – Corrected

For many hair transplant patients, traditional FUT using strip excision is still the best method to transplant the most

Female Hair Transplant – Post Menopause

This female patient was 50 years old and had some frontal hair loss after menopause. She was upset her that she could se

Hair Transplant Repair with Beard & Chest Hair

The before and after photos are of a 58 Year old male from Hawaii.  The patient came to Dr. Yazdan’s Orange Count

Recent FUE Hair Transplant Results – Case Studies

The first hair transplant patient was a 31 year old male with blonde hair. He was losing hair for the past 5 years and

Is FUE Hair Transplant Scarless?

There has been a lot of conversation online and in advertising about FUE being a scarless hair transplant procedure. The

Am I a Candidate for a FUE or FUT Hair Transplant?

If you are pursuing a hair replacement surgery, you’ve likely considered a FUE or FUT hair transplant. But how

NeoGraft, Artas and Other FUE Hair Transplant Systems

FOLLICULAR UNIT EXTRACTION (FUE) HAIR TRANSPLANT DEVICES There has been a great deal of conversation online about the mo

FUE vs FUT Hair Transplant Procedures – What’s the Difference?

Many patients are confused by the various hair transplant techniques and who is a good candidate for which procedure. Or

Regenerative FUE Hair Transplant by Dr. Amir Yazdan M.D. Orange County & Las Vegas Using ACell & PRP

Dr. Amir Yazdan M.D. of Modena Hair Transplant Institute introduced a new technique of FUE Hair Transplant surgery that

Case Study – Eyebrow Hair Restoration

Female patient had damaged her eyebrows from tears of plucking. 8 years prior she had her eyebrows tattooed but the tatt

Dr. Yazdan Offers Capillus™ Laser Cap for Hair Loss

IRVINE, CA (PRWEB) DECEMBER 16, 2015 The Modena Hair Institute welcomes patients to learn more about laser hair therapy

Dr. Amir Yazdan Supports ISHRS Position Statement on Scalp Surgery

A growing trend of medical assistants performing hair transplant surgery has caused the International Society of Hair Re

“The Doctors” Ask Dr. Yazdan to Help Women with Eyebrow Hair Loss

The Doctor’s TV show and Celebrity Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ordon call’s Dr. Amir Yazdan from the Modena Hair Tra

Dr. Yazdan presents PRP Stem Cell Therapy on “The Doctors”

Dr. Yazdan helped an 8 year old girl who was the vicim of bullying with advanced PRP Stem Cell Therapy of the scalp whic

Dr. Yazdan discusses Traction Alopecia with Countess Vaughn on The Doctors

Countess Vaughn the actress who is best known for her roles on “227,” “Moesha” and “The Pa

Dr. Amir Yazdan Saves 11 Year Old Boy – Featured on The Doctors

Hair Transplant Surgeon and ER Physician Dr. Amir Yazdan featured on the TV show “The Doctors” for saving an