Why does body hair grow wild while head hair doesn’t?

We know that increased body hair growth and decreased head hair growth has to do with getting older. But despite popular belief, old age does not cause hair loss. This connection between hair growth and age has to do with the hair growth cycle and a pesky little thing known as DHT.
As we age, the hair growth cycle becomes effected by DHT due to an increased sensitivity. DHT is converted testosterone, which, when comes into contact with hair follicles, can cause hair loss over time.
But if DHT causes hair loss on the scalp, wouldn’t it cause hair loss on other areas of the body too?
Unfortunately, no. DHT has an adverse effect on the rest of the body’s hair follicles. It causes growth spurts throughout surrounding body hair follicles. This explains why our older counterparts have long eyebrows, ear hair, and nose hair.
Scientists do not yet know why DHT effects scalp hair differently than body hair. But research continues. If you suffer from hair loss, consider your options by meeting with a certified hair restoration surgeon.