Body Hair Transplant for Amazing Results

Fortunately for many patients with hair loss new technology and techniques have made it possible for us to use hair from other parts of the body – such as the chest, beard, arms, or legs – in hair restoration surgery. 

We can leverage the advantages of a hair-by-hair reconstruction of your natural hairline to dramatically improve aesthetic appearance and cover any spots on the scalp which appear to be thinning.

If you’re experiencing hair loss you may have considered a hair transplant to restore growth to balding areas. Using FUE (the gold standard method), we can harvest hair from other body areas without leaving behind a visible, unattractive scar. 

What’s the Difference between Scalp and Body Hair?

Transplantation of body hair is a type of follicular unit extraction (FUE) in which donor hairs are taken from areas of the body such as the beard, chest or back. An extraction tool is used to remove enough hairs to cover the desired area on the head, and these hairs are transplanted to reverse the visible effects of hair loss.  

There are several great instances in which body hair may be harvested instead of scalp hair: 

  1. Scalp donor sites are thin and worn down
  2. Body hair thickness can be richer than scalp hair
  3. Additional donor sites are sometimes required
  4. You want to conceal a scar from a previous transplant procedure
  5. Covering patchy hair loss

Your expert hair transplant doctor can tell you if you have enough of the right type of body hair for a transplant to be successful.

Body hair has different characteristics than hair on the scalp. 

As with all surgery, hair transplants carry risks of pain, bleeding and scarring. Body hair transplantation also requires tremendous experience, cosmetic craftsmanship and expert abilities. It’s best to work with a doctor first to rule out medical conditions or nutritional deficiencies as the cause of hair loss. Correcting these problems can stop or reverse the advancement of bald areas without surgery. 

Discuss all available options with Dr. Amir Yazdan to determine if a body hair transplant is the best choice for you!