Botched Hair Transplant: Careless Mistake

More men and women are turning to hair transplant surgeries to correct their male or female pattern baldness. While there are medications and such designed to treat hair loss, many people are opting for a more permanent solution to the problem.
The idea of knocking decades off their appearance or possibly out of sheer desperation- patients will ‘jump the gun’ and go for the closest or cheapest clinic to help restore their youth, regrettably all they walk away with is an empty pocket book and more problems than what they started with. Take this gentleman for example, who went to a nearby hair transplant clinic in Colorado for an FUE procedure and without doing extensive research on the physician- ended up paying double the cost in the end to have a skilled reconstructive surgeon fix the previous clinics mistakes.
In this patient’s case, the size of the punch used is far larger than what a skilled hair transplant doctor would have used, resulting in oversized wounds covering his hairline as well as the donor site (back of the scalp). Once healed, these can become hundreds if not thousands of tiny scars surrounding what’s left of your hair. We often see doctors using these larger punch sizes because they prefer it for its ease of use, as its much faster and untroublesome for physicians with the lack of experience and skill – all at the patient’s expense. Additionally, we see botched hair transplants from clinics using robotic machines such as the ARTAS that can only perform with a punch size of 1.2mm or greater and are also being utilized for hair transplant surgeries by inexperienced doctors considering it’s not as demanding or taxing for them. And unfortunately, these machines still cannot be as precise as a hand-held punch.
One of the main reasons patients opt for an FUE hair transplant (rather than the traditional Strip method) is for it’s minimal risk of visible scarring. However, using a 1.0mm punch or greater negates the entire concept of being less invasive with minimal scarring.
Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Yazdan uses some of the smallest punches possible staying between 0.7mm-0.8mm and based on our experience, there are very few doctors willing to use a 0.8mm punch or smaller. Typically, an unskilled physician would never discuss the size of the punch in front of the patient, so they’ll label their punch tools “A & B” during surgery so the patient doesn’t know the size they’re using and have no way of measuring the punch.
Dr. Yazdan creates his own punches meticulously by hand and sharpens them with a laser. “I know the exact inside and outside diameter of my punches and I’m happy to measure them for patients” says Dr. Yazdan.

Helpful Tip:
At the time of your consultation, take a caliper measuring device (which can be found on Amazon for $15) and ask the doctor to measure his punch size. We can assure you many doctors “0.8mm” punch size turns into a 1.3mm punch real quick!

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