Case Study – Botched Hair Transplant Repaired By Dr. Yazdan

Poor Results after previous strip FUT surgery

Patient was young male experiencing hair loss.  He went to an “experienced surgeon” who performed an FUT/Strip surgery on him with a transplant of 5,000 grafts as the patient was told.  The strip surgery led to the damage of his existing hair causing diffuse hair loss and a poor strip scar in the donor zone. You can also see the poor graft survival rate of the FUT/Strip surgery that he had. Theres no way this patient had 5,000 grafts transplanted and it looks as though maybe 250 grafts survived from whatever was transplanted.  Aside from that, the patient lost all his hair due to the trauma created from his strip surgery.

The patient came in and saw Dr. Yazdan for consultation.  Dr. Yazdan recommended an FUE surgery for the patient.  Unfortunately the previous FUT surgery had caused damage to the donor zone and thus the density was low and thus was difficult to obtain grafts

During an 11 hour FUE hair transplant procedure Dr. Yazdan extracted and implanted 2051 hair grafts. After 6 months the patient had considerable results and after 1 year the patient had full results.  The pictures speak for themselves in regards to what kind of work is out there and what quality of work we do.

This shows the importance of choosing an experienced Hair Restoration Surgeon.