Botched hair transplant surgeries continue to rise

The rates of botched hair transplant surgeries continue to rise.
Doctors or technicians claiming to be successful hair restoration surgeons boast of their qualifications, abilities, and certifications. They claim you can have double the grafts all in one session. Best of all, you can have it for a steal of a price. This colorful narrative attracts desperate patients seeking a more affordable hair transplant option.
Unfortunately, if it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. These inexperienced, unqualified doctors trick patients suffering from low self-esteem into compromising their hair transplant results.
Inferior qualifications, lack of experience, and absence of medical regulations abroad equal a recipe for disaster for hair transplant patients. Victims of botched surgeries are often left with unsightly scars, infections, and graft survival failure.

You can reduce your risk of becoming a botched hair transplant surgery victim by researching, asking questions, and weighing the cost-benefit analysis.
Below is a list of questions to ask your potential hair restoration surgeon during a consultation:

  • How many years of experience do you have transplanting hair?
  • Do you use a machine or hand tools to assist you in extracting and placing grafts?
  • What size punch tool do you use?
  • Do you have any before and after pictures?
  • Do you have any testimonials?
  • Are you certified by the ISHRS?
  • Will you be the one actually performing my surgery?
  • What percentage success rate do you have for graft survival and overall successful outcomes for hair transplant surgeries?

Keep in mind that doctors in countries other than the U.S. are not held to same strict medical standards. Getting your surgery abroad greatly increases your risk of having a botched surgery.
Here at Modena, we’ve helped many botched patients restore their hair. If you’ve been the victim of a botched surgery, give us a call for a consultation today.