Can I trust a Robot to do my Hair Transplant?

You’re elated on the idea of having that thick youthful head of hair you always dreamed of and are ready to take the next step, but..
You may want to think twice before finding a surgeon who relies on a robot to do most of the work!
If you’ve done your research, you may have heard of physicians using a newer technology called the “Artas”. The Artas is a robotic machine claiming to provide speed and accuracy beyond manual techniques from your surgeon. WRONG. This is the less accurate way of doing things and unfortunately, it’s resulting in more and more Corrective Hair Transplants. Here’s what they’re not telling you..
-Its punch size is much larger in diameter leaving you with larger incisions and scars on the back of your head which can result in delayed healing and more trauma if not sparing nearby hair follicles.
-Larger grafts also mean larger recipient sites to be made, therefore not allowing the grafts to be as compact as they would with smaller grafts.
-The Artas creates a deeper score which has been known to bury grafts and likely cause cyst formation.
-An experienced FUE surgeon can expect a graft survival rate of around 90% while the Artas may have a much lower survivability. Based on our experience we’ve seen the survivability as low as 20% from the Artas under the use of inexperienced staff.
-The device can be set to target 3-4 hair grafts. Doctors have been known to cut and split these grafts, artificially increasing the number of grafts while minimizing the cost paid to Artas as the doctor pays per graft.
-The Artas has restrictions. One instrument and one device won’t work on 100% of the population. In fact, only 30-40% of patients are candidates for the procedure, so your doctor needs to have alternate techniques and tools for a proper FUE transplant. Thus, on the day of your surgery your surgeon needs a backup method of extracting the grafts so they’re not being permanently damaged.
-While Robotic hair transplants sounds pretty advanced and futuristic, it’s just another way a less experienced doctor can set up shop doing hair transplants amongst other services they already provide.
Conclusion? There are still too many limitations and refinements needed of the Artas to even come close to what a skilled physician can accomplish with the delicate touch of human hands and artistic craft for natural looking results. I would recommend people considering hair transplant surgery to find a skilled surgeon whom has many instruments to perform FUE.
If your Hair Transplant has been botched by the Artas robot and need Corrective hair transplant give us a call today. With Offices located in Beverly Hills, Orange County, and Las Vegas we specialize in hair transplant repair.