Case Study-38 yr. old Male Hair Transplant FUE using Beard Hair

Diagnosis: FUE Transplant – Age: 38 – Follicles: 2,113 – Sex: Male

Our patient visited our office after undergoing two previous FUE procedures with other clinics. Despite feeling that the results from both surgeries were merely satisfactory, he expressed a desire for increased coverage across his scalp. However, due to limitations in his donor zone resulting from the previous surgeries, Dr. Yazdan determined that the optimal solution was to harvest grafts from both the scalp and beard to achieve the best outcome for this patient. Understandably, our patient experienced some nervousness about grafts being harvested from his facial area and had concerns regarding the appearance of the beard and scalp hair blend.

During his 6-month follow-up appointment, he shared his progress and expressed his satisfaction with the early results. He experienced no scarring from the harvesting of his beard, thanks to Dr. Yazdan’s technique, and the integration of beard and scalp hair was seamless.

We eagerly anticipate observing his progress at the one-year mark.

A body hair transplant should only be recommended for unique cases such as so, it should never be offered to patient’s who are preparing to undergo their first procedure.  A body hair transplant is an advanced surgery that should be performed by a highly reputable an experienced hair transplant surgeon.  If you have any further questions regarding a hair transplant procedure contact our front office at (949) 374-2563.