Case Study – Amazing Results Using FUT Method of Hair Transplant Surgery

There are many factors that go into determining your candidacy for hair transplant surgery. For example, the density of the donor area, the strength of the surrounding hair, the involvement and efficacy of medical management, and the severity of the hair loss, just to name a few.

When all of these factors work together in a patients favor, we see great results like these.


This patient presented with severe receding and balding of the crown. Although the degree of his hair loss may make this patient appear much older, he was only his late 20’s at the date this picture was taken. Utilizing approximately 3600 grafts, Dr. Yazdan was able to restore this patients hair line and fill in the crown.

Results are shown after 1 year post-surgery. The patient now has an appropriate hair line with good density throughout the crown.

The patient now looks like a new man.