Case Study – Hair Transplant Surgery for Senior Patient

Have you ever wondered if you are too old for a hair transplant? Our golden aged patient wondered the same thing and decided to visit Dr. Amir Yazdan to find out! During his consultation appointment here at Modena Hair Institute this patient expressed that he just wanted to have hair for whatever time he has left.  After a comprehensive assessment it was decided that the best course for this patient was to move forward with a FUT/Strip and FUE combination surgery.

Dr. Yazdan first removed the Strip amount to 3,214 grafts then proceeded by harvesting around 1,218 grafts via FUE method. When harvesting using both methods it is possible to safely extract a large number of grafts in one sitting while not over compromising the donor area.

6 months later our patient returned extremely pleased with his early results and growth. He feels like a new version of himself and expressed that he wished he did this procedure sooner. He was elated to hear that his hair was only going to continue to grown and look better. We would generally say that it is never too late to get the hair of your dreams, even if it is a little later in life.

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