Citrus for beautiful, strong, healthy hair

Did you know citrus is good for your hair? The Vitamin C delivering fruits, lemon and lime, pack a punch when it comes to the health of your hair.
The history of citrus fruits and hair
Before expensive medications and unpronounceable ingredients, the ancient Egyptians used lemons as shampoo. The citrus fruit proved effective at removing dirt and grease from their notoriously long locks.
The lemon worked to clean hair because of its astringent and clarifying properties. It was a rather effective cleanser of oily hair. That being said, we don’t recommend it for modern day hair cleaning. It can be a bit harsh and the texture isn’t ideal to remove all the dirt. The ancient Egyptians likely mixed the lemon with clay or another modifier.
So how does citrus fruit create beautiful hair?
It’s all in the properties. Lime contains anti-fungal and anti-septic properties. This keeps dandruff, flakes, redness, acne, and scalp irritation in check. Citrus fruit also contains antioxidants such as vitamin C and flavonoids. In addition to folate and pantothenic acid.
Anyone who’s frequented the hair growth aisle has likely seen these ingredients in hair-care products. Why use a synthetic product when you can go straight to the source? These citrus ingredients work to strengthen hair by strengthening the follicle.
How to incorporate citrus in your hair-care routine
Use lime juice as a rinse. If you’ve got a lot of buildup and happen to have hard water, a lime juice rinse could be just the thing you need.
Mix lime juice with olive or coconut oil to treat dandruff. Massage into hair and let the citrus work its magic.
Incorporate lime into your diet. Mix it with water for a delicious, refreshing beverage.