3 Ways to Deal with a Hair Transplant at Work

Undergoing a hair transplant procedure can be nerve-racking and even daunting for some patients. While most men and women who undergo a hair restoration surgery with a world-renowned hair transplant surgeon alike Dr. Yazdan are very happy once their results grow in, dealing with the first few months can make patients anxious, especially if you work in an office environment. So how does one manage and maintain privacy at work during the first several months post-surgery?  In this article, we will discuss 3 solutions for maintaining or resolving any concerns over public attention.
Option 1 – Partial shave or full buzz cut:
In many cases, Dr. Yazdan’s hair transplant patients can conceal any signs of a hair transplant surgery simply by partially shaving the recipient area and keeping the rest of the hair untouched.  When styling your hair a certain way, most (if not all) signs of surgery can be effectively camouflaged. Two fitting examples of a style that could be used would be a “side sweep” or “side part”. Not every hair restoration patient is able to grow their hair out and, in this case, some patients choose to completely shave their head and let all their hair grow out in unison.
Option 2 – Topical hair loss concealer:
Depending on how long the patient has before they return to work, there are a few different types of hair loss concealers on the market today that we recommend trying out while waiting ever-so-patiently for your new locks to grow out. One solution we recommend at Modena Hair Institute is hair fibers. Hair fibers are magnetically charged and attach to miniaturized hairs and the fibers bind to each follicle, creating the appearance of added fullness. The other type of hair loss concealer we recommend is a hard-packed powder formula – also known as “hair-shadow”. Hair-shadow matches the color of an individual’s hair to their scalp and minimizes the contrast between scalp and hair. This provides an ‘illusion’ of denser looking hair. If you went with an all over buzz cut, hair shadow will be your best friend while going through the transformation. If you decide to keep your hair at a longer length, sprinkling hair fibers on the scalp is a great solution in concealing your hair transplant. Both hair fibers and hair-shadow are easy to use and washes out in the shower.
Option 3 – Be Honest:
This option may be the least favored but certainly the least troublesome. Being honest and upfront with co-workers and friends highlights a real concern that men and women around the world go through each day; and that is hair loss! Most people have their own issues and insecurities that cause them to be self-conscious. In general, a hair transplant patient may get a few questions regarding their experience.  After a period, people will move on and likely forget it all together. Being honest can be very liberating and with so many men and even women suffering with hair loss each day, taking an honest approach about your hair transplant may be enough to inspire a change in someone else’s life!
At Modena Hair Institute, we understand that surgical procedures may not be for everyone, and it is paramount to feel confident and comfortable with not only the process, but the surgeon of your choice. Do bountiful research prior to jumping the gun and making any decisions. Here at Modena, Dr. Yazdan personally performs each hair transplant in Beverly Hills, Orange County and Las Vegas surgical clinics at his surgical center, utilizing a dedicated team throughout the entire process. He is involved in every aspect of the procedure in order to ensure the best possible hair restoration results and is committed to performing only one surgery per day in order to provide patients with the undivided attention they deserve.


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