Should you condition your hair prior to shampooing it?

A new trend called ‘reverse hair washing’ instructs hair washers to mix up their hair washing routine by reversing it. The trend claims to revolutionize the appearance of your hair by giving you the look of a volumizing blow-out but without any of the work, costs, or products.
How does it work?
Those who follow the trend and boast of its success claim the success of the washing method is based on how much of your conditioner is left in your hair after rinsing it out.
The theory is that no matter how well you attempt to rinse your hair after conditioning, there is always some conditioner residue left behind. This residue weighs your hair down and can give the appearance of flat, dull hair.
Reversing the way in which you wash and condition your hair allows you to reap all the benefits of conditioned hair, such as moisturized, detangled, glossy hair, without the residue-leaving side effects.
How do you do it?
Simple. Apparently, just condition. Then shampoo.
We read the reviews and reports from triers of the method, complete with before and after pictures.
So, what did they have to say? Time and time again, the reverse hair washing method was a success. Individuals reported fuller, shinier, healthier looking hair.
They styled as normal, even towel drying, blow drying and brushing, and found hair to feel softer, thicker, and best of all, less frizzy.
Now it’s your turn. Give the reverse hair washing method a try and let us know what you think!