Creative hair colors – Fall 2017 trends

Long gone are the days of plain Jane’s, modern hair styles now involve a wide spectrum of colors.
We know what you’re thinking: who can really get away with colorful hair at their professional job? Worry not: the most recent hair trends for Fall 2017 aren’t a rainbow spectrum, they’re a subtle play on traditional brunette and blonde colors.
Below are some of our favorite color combinations that are sure to impress your friends, coworkers, and maybe even your bosses.
Soft rose gold
This multi-dimensional color incorporates subtle pink hues in a goldy-blonde tone. Rose gold jewelry is all the rage, so why not try it on your hair too? To get this color its best if you’re already at a goldish-blonde or dirty blonde/light brown hair color. Your colorist will easily be able to add blonde-gold hues and pink touches.
Lavender blonde
This color is similar to the rose gold but incorporates a more pastel purple hue over a whiter/ashier blonde tone. This color is ideal for those with an ashier blonde or white colored hair. Your colorist will be able to add in lavender hues that will add a soft and subtle creative dimension that’s sure to impress.
Salted caramel brunette
This one is taken straight out of the fall cookbook. Salted caramel is one of our favorite additions in our drinks and desserts, and now it can be in our hair too. This dye-job is ideal for those with a brunette base. Your colorist can add in caramel hues which will add warmth and dimension to your overall color.