Why you should eat more raw fish

Scientists have long been studying human health across cultures. Why are certain groups more prone to diabetes while others high cholesterol? Why do some groups struggle with chronic obesity while others do not? These are questions scientists aim to answer while studying eating trends across cultures.
Scientists have discovered that around the world, the Japanese are among the healthiest people. They believe this is due to the high amount of raw fish, vegetables, and rice they eat.
Raw fish, veggies, and rice are naturally low in fat. This has contributed to the country having one of the lowest rates of heart disease in the world. Additionally, scientists believe there may be a link between sushi and protection from lung cancer. Even though the Japanese have a high smoking rate, they do not have as high a rate of lung cancer compared to other countries who smoke the same or less.
The benefits of raw fish are many. Fish is a great source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids.
Raw fish as a good source of protein. Protein fills you up, provides your body with necessary nutrients, and can help you lose weight. On average, 3 oz of raw fish contains 16g of protein, making the sushi-favorite an excellent source of protein.
Raw fish as a good source of omega-3’s. Omega-3 fatty acids protect your heart and improve circulation. Doctors recommend healthy individuals consume a minimum of 250-500 mg of omega-3 fatty acids per day. Raw fish contains on average 1000 mg of omega-3’s per 3 oz.
Crush your health goals and indulge in some delicious sushi by consuming more raw fish. Your body will thank you!