Case Study – Facial Scar Repair via FUE from Dog Bite

In this day and age, we all strive for perfect skin and a healthy body, free of flaws! However, those accidents, injuries, surgeries, acne and even dog bites can leave you with unpleasant scar formations. If you’ve ever had a wound on your scalp or face, you may wonder how the wound is going to heal and whether or not the scar will grow hair. There’s good news and then there’s the unfortunate news…

The unfortunate news is that scar tissue happens to be a lot different than your regular skin. Scars are made up of abnormal collagen piled up in the location of injury. Unlike in ‘normal’ skin, this abnormal collagen isn’t stacked up in nice, clean ‘sheets’ of tissue. The abnormal tissue has a deficiency of regular glands found in normal skin…glands that produce natural oils, glands that generate hair etc. As a result, scars can’t actually grow hair themselves, and in this case, the patient needed some assistance with a facial scar revision procedure.

Now onto the good news (as you can see in the photos) – yes, this can be fixed and hair growth under and through a scar is possible with a scar repair procedure. This case study exhibits a 22-year-old patient who was once the victim of a dog bite leaving with him an undesired facial scar highly affecting the appearance of his beard due to the absence of hair where the scar has made its existence.

Considering the appearance of our face is directly tied to our confidence and self-esteem, this took a toll on our patient’s quality of life and decided to turn to Southern California and Las Vegas leading Hair Restoration Specialist, Dr. Yazdan for the repair of his facial scar. In this patient’s case, a simple and effective FUE hair transplant procedure was the best option and works well in scar tissue. Dr. Yazdan carefully and artistically angles the hair in a manner that you can no longer tell a facial scar ever existed. As seen in the photo below, our patient returned for his 1-year follow-up appointment to boast about his new appearance that gave him his confidence back!

At Modena Hair Restoration, Dr. Yazdan takes great pride in his work and patients. Utilizing a dedicated surgical team, yet always being involved every step of the way to ensure the best possible results.

Wait…there’s even more good news! In recent years, we’ve discovered that stem cells encourage new hair growth making PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma a great alternative to reproduce hair growth through scar formations. Read more on advanced PRP treatments here.

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