Female Hair Loss Success Story: PRP Hair Restoration Following Pregnancy

Diagnosis: Postpartum Hair Loss – Age: 35 – Sex: Female

An exciting new entry has just been added to Modena’s female hair loss success stories!

In the following presentation, Dr. Amir Yazdan’s own sister, Desiree Yazdan – herself a renowned doctor of dental medicine – undergoes PRP treatment for the progressive hair loss she experienced during pregnancy.

Hair thinning and loss during pregnancy is very common, caused by big changes in hormone and estrogen levels which can speed up the natural cycle of hair shedding. Thyroid disorders and iron deficiency arising from such hormonal imbalances can also contribute to hair shedding.

Dr. Desiree Yazdan received four PRP injections applied directly to the problem areas on the scalp, scheduled at one injection every three weeks. After the fourth and final injection, hair growth was significantly restored across the scalp, particularly around the temples. Hair grew back straight, thick and in harmony with her natural hairline.

We’ve touched on the restorative benefits of platelets before, but here we’d like to emphasize the effectiveness of PRP in treating post-partum hair loss. Since PRP is a concentrated dose of autologous platelets, their powerful growth factors and healing agents are quickly able to undo much of the damage caused by temporary hormone imbalances.

After photos were taken following two months of PRP treatments.

A special thank you to Desiree for cataloguing her hair restoration journey for us. She actively responds to questions and engages with patients on her Instagram @dryazdan.

1 week before PRP treatment
Approx. 2 Months After PRP Treatment