Case Study – Correcting Pluggy Female Hairline with FUT

Our lovely patient came to us for a corrective hair transplant procedure. Though her hair looked great at first glance, underneath her bangs she revealed a hairline that was too low, pluggy looking due to multiple hair grafts, and she had noticeable pitting and cobble stoning.  Unfortunately, this was the result of not one but two botched FUT procedures done by past clinics.

After a consultation with Dr. Amir Yazdan an extensive plan was put together to correct her hairline. Because punching out the grafts in the hairline could leave noticeable scarring,  Dr. Yazdan instead recommended a series of laser hair removal treatments to remove the follicles that had been implanted to make her hairline far too low. Dr. Yazdan and his team then proceeded with a corrective FUT procedure. They dissected single hair grafts to mask the cobblestoning and pitting, while also softening the hairline to yield a more feminine and natural appearance.

Watch the surgery day below, and check back in 6-12 months to see her new and improved hairline that she no longer will need to disguise with a certain hair style!

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