How to find the right hair surgeon for your hair goals

If you live in a place like southern California, then you have quite a few hair transplant surgeons to choose from when shopping around for quotes, graft estimates, and consultations. It can be difficult to know which surgeon is right for you.
So how can you find the right hair surgeon for your hair goals?
Our recommendation: first, discover your hair goals, then, align them with the goals of your potential surgeon. If your hair goal is to achieve natural, full, dense hair coverage with an age-appropriate hairline, make sure your potential surgeon specializes in natural-looking hair transplantation rather than a plug-like style. If your goal is to restore your hair line, or revise a scar, make sure your surgeon specializes in these areas. A good indication that they are experienced in the area you are interested in, is to review before and after pictures, reviews, and case results of cases similar to your own.
Here at Modena, we specialize in natural-looking hair transplantation that is safe and effective. We utilize alternative methods of hair restoration such as PRP therapy and laser therapy to increase results and increase healing time.
Dr. Yazdan, our primary hair physician at Modena, has been transplanting hair for over 10 years. He is skilled in both FUE and FUT/Strip methods of hair surgeries. He performs each surgery by hand, utilizing his own hand-crafted tools to extract and place grafts. He is present during the entirety of each procedure and all pre- and post-op care meetings.
If you’d like to learn more about hair transplant surgery, and determine if Modena Hair Center is the right facility for your goals, give us a call today.