FUE Repair – False Claims Made to Patient

This new entry features an extensive repair of a botched hair transplant that was done for an African American male patient.

Diagnosis: FUE Repair – Age: 41 – Follicles: 2,228 – Sex: Male

Dr. Yazdan and Modena Hair Institute has come to be very familiar with hair transplants that are executed poorly. Either through inexperience, poor management, lack of expertise or a host of other reasons, patients are falling prey to hair transplant clinics which have no business serving customers.

This patient was even told that his doctor was a specialist in African American hair transplants!

Yet the operating doctor produced a very patchy and unnatural looking hairline, as well as a majority of the implanted hair falling out. We immediately set out to correct the damaged zones.

Dr. Yazdan corrected the patient’s hairline using very careful steps:

  1. Recorrecting patient’s original hairline pattern by implanting the native hair evenly and equidistantly.
  2. Correcting bad follicle angulation.
  3. Due to donor zone damage, strategic harvesting from remaining areas.
  4. Precise graft placement and understanding the perfect donor-recipient ratio.