Case Study – Botched Strip Transplant Corrected using FUE and Strip Combination

This patient had a 3,000 graft Strip/FUT hair transplant done previously at another clinic which resulted in an oversized, irregular scar from ear to ear as well as poor results. It also left him with damage to the donor zone and decreased density of hair follicles. While hair transplant surgery is minimally invasive, it takes a highly skilled hair transplant surgeon with advanced equipment and a great team to minimize the probability of a botched surgery like you see in these photos.

The patient wanted to have better results as his hair was still very thin in the hairline all the way back into the crown. Because of the damage done to the patients donor zone in his previous surgery, his density was only about 20 grafts per square centimeter. It was calculated that doing a 2nd strip procedure would only yield roughly 1,000 viable grafts which would not be enough to get the patient dramatic results. It was therefor decided to do a combination of Strip and FUE to maximize the number of grafts we could obtain in 1 surgery.

The large strip scar was excised yielding 1,082 grafts and closed with a better technique improving the overall appearance and leaving him with 1 incisional line vs 2. The FUE method was then used to extract the hair follicles above the Strip scar. A total of 1,043 FUE grafts were extracted resulting in a total of 2,125 grafts. The grafts were then transplanted into the patient hairline, midscalp, and crown as show.

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