Genius tips for perfecting curly hair

A day in the life of a curly-haired individual is far from easy. Anyone with curly hair can testify first-hand to the struggle that is good hair days and bad hair days.
Luckily, there’s things you can do to help create more good hair days and wean out those bad ones. These tips are tried and tested and will help you create wavy, curly, shiny, strong hair.
Start from the bottom. Always start combing hair from the bottom up. This will allow you to gently detangle hair, preventing breakage and damage caused by yanking and pulling on hair (NOT good for curls!).
Regular trims are key. Getting regular trims removes split or dead ends which improves the look and health of your hair. Your hair will not only grow longer, it will be less frizzy, and more bouncy (i.e., every curly-haired person’s dream concoction!).
Mix and match your hair products. When you have complex hair you need a complex haircare regimen. Rather than trying to find one product to meet all your needs (probably impossible), mix and match products to create your perfect haircare cocktail. For example, use part serum and part mousse when prepping and styling hair. The serum will smooth while the mousse texturizes.
Use a wide-tooth comb to tame your locks. Brushes are not a curly-hair wearer’s friend. Curls are fragile and brushes disrupt your locks, potentially causing breakage. Stay safe and friendly with a wide-tooth comb. This will protect the natural curl and bounce of your hair.
Not sure what product is best for you? Serums are always a safe bet for curly hair. They’re lightweight, smoothing, and add definition. When using serum, use a few pumps at a time, and run evenly through your curls.
Have some genius tips of your own? Share your tips with us below!