Is hair gel causing your hair to fall out?

Hair gel on its own does not cause hair loss. But, not keeping your scalp and follicles clean and healthy can.
If you use hair gel regularly, you should be washing your hair daily. Gel builds up on the scalp and clogs pores. This can constrict the follicles and interfere with the growth process.
To understand how gel interferes with the growth process, we first have to understand the cycle our hair grows in. Each hair grows for several months and years. It then goes into a resting period for a couple of weeks before it falls out. Once it falls out, a new hair grows in its place. If there is gel or sebum build up on the scalp, the follicles can become blocked. This blockage cannot be resolved with regular shampooing methods. Over time, the hair follicle miniaturizes and eventually dies.
Unfortunately, once a hair follicle dies there is no bringing it back to life. This is why its so important to take good care of our hair.
While hair gel does not directly cause hair loss, it can definitely contribute if you’re not taking care of your hair and scalp. Dr. Yazdan believes the best way to fight hair loss is to prevent it. Before you begin noticing build up on your scalp, consider switching to an organic, all natural hair gel or wax. Limiting the harsh chemicals that sit on the scalp will improve the health of the scalp and follicles.
If you are experiencing any type of hair loss and would like to learn more about managing it and re-growing it, give us a call. Here at Modena, we’re experts at utilizing alternative methods to restore and reverse hair loss.