What does your hair loss say about you?

Could your hair loss be saying something about you?
No, we don’t mean your style or looks, we’re talking about your health. Hair loss can be a telling factor for your health. It can be a symptom of an illness, a side effect of a medication, or even shed light on genetic causes.
This is why prior to recommending or starting any hair loss treatments, we always conduct a comprehensive consultation that goes over medical history, medications, and may include a biopsy or other diagnostic tool. By analyzing the hair loss prior to treating it, we ensure the patient is in good health, ruling out any serious underlying medical conditions. Sometimes, resolving hair loss can be as simple as changing a medication or starting one.
Once a cause for the hair loss is determined, we can begin treating it with confidence. Due to the various hair loss treatments available, we use the diagnosis to guide the patient to the most appropriate treatment option that has the highest likelihood of efficacy for their specific case. When it comes to treating hair loss, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all treatment.
For example, hair loss medications such as finasteride work great on individuals who have hair loss caused by DHT. Topical treatments such as minoxidil work great on those who just began losing hair.
Before you start any hair loss treatments, make sure to meet with your physician to rule out any underlying causes. Then, meet with a hair restoration specialist to discuss all of your options.
If you’d like to get a comprehensive hair loss assessment, give us a call today.