Male Hair Loss Success Story: “I came in with low expectations but the results have been incredible”

Diagnosis: Male Pattern Hair Loss – Age: 35 – Sex: Male

A new entry has just been added to Modena’s male hair loss success stories!

In the following presentation, Dr. Amir Yazdan documents the results of a 35-year-old undergoing an FUE hair transplantation. His hair loss pattern was a Norwood Class V.

This patient received 2,500 grafts which aimed to fill out nearly the entire crown and front temple region, effectively restoring his hairline. The hairline design is purposely conservative, so as to look completely natural and effortless. He was put on a personalized medical management system to maintain his existing hair.

After photos were taken at 1 year post-op.

hair transplant case study
1 Week Before Transplant
hair transplant case study
12 Months After Transplant