The “Art” of Hair Restoration

It’s paramount to keep in mind that hair restoration is a medical ‘art.’ Medical art combines medical knowledge, mastery of advanced surgical skills and techniques as well as a keen eye enabling the accurate reproduction of what occurs naturally. Unfortunately, many prospective hair restoration patients assume that artistic ability is a given resulting from education and practice of established surgical techniques. Art and surgery are separate skills, and this must be taken into consideration when evaluating a doctor for your hair restoration surgery.
Unfortunately for patients, a substantial portion of Dr. Yazdan’s practice consists of repairing patients who have fallen victim to doctors with little or no artistic sensibilities.
With a hair restoration strip surgery (FUT), the strip is removed, dissected and the unused tissue is discarded. Nothing is placed back in the donor area and the edges are drawn tight and sutured. Even if there were no scar at all, this procedure causes distortion of hair direction and a loss of the naturally occurring gradation of hair shaft diameter. This gets worse as strip surgeons boast of “mega-sessions” above 5,000+ grafts. This requires the removal of a wider strip which results in even greater cosmetic problems for the donor area.
For example, if you watch the video below, you’ll see this patient came to us for a strip scar repair surgery after receiving two hair transplants performed at another clinic. This left him with an oversized linear scar and illustrated unsatisfactory results. With his head shaved down, these cosmetic problems become unmistakably obvious. FUT/Strip surgery often does an exceptional job of providing grafts for balding areas of the scalp – given the patient seeks a skillful and artistic hair restoration surgeon alike leading Southern California and Las Vegas hair transplant specialist, Dr. Yazdan. After examination of the scalp, Dr. Yazdan observed the patient has a poor donor supply which led him to use his artistic abilities in an FUE procedure utilizing hair from the back of the scalp as well as supplementation of the beard. The grafts were then placed inside the scar which requires meticulous skill of the physician and his team as the grafts have experienced a considerable amount of stress. Precise angulation and depth is critical, so the hair grows back in a very natural and organic way. (read more on how to avoid unnatural results)

Hair transplant tools and associated technologies have moved forward considerably over the last decade. FUE in the right hands with the finest surgical tools provides great and numerous advantages for the patient undergoing hair restoration. Dr. Yazdan has paved the way for developing his own set of tools and techniques that deliver advanced results for both men and women suffering from hair loss and balding.

For absolute superior hair restoration results, PRP + ACell or a Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) can be performed in conjunction with an FUE or FUT/Strip method procedure. When used in conjunction with an FUE or Strip procedure, PRP + ACell have demonstrated quicker healing, accelerated new hair growth, and donor hair regeneration at the donor sites. Once healed, SMP can be added down the line for added density and to conceal any thinning or balding spots.

You now should have a better understanding of the importance in finding an artistically skillful and experienced hair restoration physician. Use your best judgment and you will be pleasantly surprised of what a hair transplant can do for you!
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