Hair Transplant: Will My Hairline Look Natural??

The hairline is one of the first things people see, therefore it needs to be 100% natural looking and undetectable for a hair transplant to appear flawless!
Primarily, the main factor in getting a natural looking head of hair depends on the skill and the artistic ability of the surgeon performing your hair transplant as there are many different styles and techniques used, each physician has their own way of navigating through the procedure. What makes Dr. Yazdan truly stand out in the field is his precision and attention to detail; Dr. Yazdan only commits himself to 1 surgery per day-giving all his concentration to that patient and that patient only.
Furthermore, it is important that the surgeon-NOT technicians or assistants are determining the design of the hairline, the density at which the hair is transplanted at, as well as the angle and direction of the grafts. These are fundamental components that need to be considered when achieving optimal results. Many patients are too focused on the harvesting method or the latest and ‘greatest’ or lack of, rather, technology (i.e. ARTAS, NeoGraft) that they’re forgetting the most important part of a successful hair transplant surgery is simply, hairline and design. Making the two as natural as one can get without anyone noticing that you had a transplant. Stop basing your decision on any “hyped” piece of medical technology and start basing it off the surgeon.
Of course, your own hair characteristics and the quality of hair being transplanted will play a role as well. Yet, the skilled and experienced hair transplant surgeon should be capable of adapting to produce the best-looking results possible. Truly what it boils down to above all- is the artistry and design technique of the individual hair transplant doctor.
Helpful Tip #1
Make sure to study your physician’s website, look at their previous patients and the results they received. Modena Before & After Photos
Helpful Tip #2
Check out YouTube or their website and see if their clinic has any videos of procedures or educational material to help educate potential hair transplant patients. Modena Hair Transplant Videos
Helpful Tip #3
When headed out to your consultation appointment, bring in a previous photo of yourself with a full head of hair. This can help the doctor immensely in recreating your previous natural look.
Do your research and view as many examples as possible before picking the right doctor and you will feel much more at ease going into such an exciting and dramatic transformation!
“The best-looking hair transplants are the ones that go unnoticed” says Dr. Yazdan.

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