Does the hair transplant surgeon matter when it comes to hair transplant results?

While California has many hair transplant surgeons to choose from, people living in other states aren’t so lucky. Some individuals may find they are lucky to even find just 1 reputable and experienced hair transplant surgeon in their area.
As a result, they may be wondering just how important the hair surgeon is to actual hair transplant results. After all, all hair transplants require the same basic steps of extracting and placing grafts, right? Unfortunately, no. Hair transplants can be a quite complicated procedure that requires expertise in order to achieve desirable results.
If the surgeon in your area leaves much to be desired when it comes to prove hair transplant results, it may be in your best interest to consider traveling for a reputable surgeon. Many consultations can be done via email with pictures or videochat. And while you may pay a little extra in travel expenses, it can be considered an investment in a quality hair transplant.
Here at Modena, many of our patients travel to us from all over the world. We understand the value of making the right choice when it comes to results and medical procedures, so we offer competitive travel perks for our out-of-town guests.
If you’d like to learn more about the value of having an experienced hair surgeon perform your hair transplant, give us a call today.