Is a hair transplant surgery the right choice for you?

Hair loss effects over 80% of men and 50% of women over the course of their lifetime. This extremely common condition leaves many searching for a solution.
While medical management offers great methods to restore hair, such as PRP therapy, laser therapy, prescription medication, specialized shampoos, and even over the counter medications, these recourses are only effective for the right candidates.
If you’ve been experiencing hair loss for some time, have progressed hair loss, or didn’t have any luck with medical management, you may be wondering what your next option is.
Hair transplant surgery is an ideal option for those with progressed hair loss. This medical procedure involves taking hair follicles from other areas of your scalp or body and transplanting them into the areas of hair loss.
Modern hair transplant surgery is much different than plugs, wigs, or hair pieces that have been methods used by balding people in the past. Hair transplant surgery is your own natural hair that grows in on its own where it’s needed.
Due to the natural, organic nature of hair transplant surgery, patients are able to regain their youth and hair without it ever looking like they were bald or sought a medical recourse.
In order to determine if you are an ideal candidate for hair transplant surgery, you should meet with a qualified and experienced hair transplant surgeon. After a scalp and hair loss evaluation, you and your doctor can determine the right amount of grafts needed to meet your hair goals.
If you’d like to learn more about hair transplant surgery, and figure out if it’s the right option for you, give us a call today.