A Cautionary Hair Loss Testimonial

modena testimonial
Hello all. This is Stephen, one of Dr. Amir Yazdan’s former patients. I write this letter to anyone who is considering getting a hair transplant – whether you’re hesitant, somewhat sure, or absolutely sure.
If you have stumbled upon my letter you are lucky because when I was in your position, I wish that such a testimonial had been written. One which describes all the errors and mistakes one can run into when trying to recover your sense of confidence. I urge you to read this letter and avoid the mistakes I made. I’m writing this letter because I need to. I know what hair loss can do to people. How it can affect every aspect of their life. How it can make them suffer at work, at home or in their social lives. How it can engender fear and insecurity. How it can change one’s whole attitude and approach to life. I’m here to say you should not spend one more minute letting hair loss rule your emotions and govern your feelings.
Secondly, and more importantly, if reading this letter helps even one person to avoid what I went through then my efforts will be successful. I was defrauded, I was mutilated and I was humiliated. I’m too scared to go public and confront the culprits so this is my way of dealing with what happened to me. I will carry the scars associated with my mistakes for the rest of my life.
In my early 20s I started to lose my hair and felt an agonizing insecurity around my peer group. The problems with my hair dominated my life. I studied all the options online and through people who suffered hair loss, there was not many and I went with what I thought was the best option. This is where my nightmare years began. It’s difficult still to admit but I was fooled by sales campaigns and sweet sounding rhetoric.
My ‘treatments’ spanned nearly ten years and I will just say that I also wasted large amounts of money. I started out by putting artificial hairs into my head. What a bad decision that was. They did not work, they caused regular infections, broke, fell out and looked totally unnatural. Even though I have since had them removed, these procedures have caused permanent damage to my skin.
The next thing I was sold was a bad hair transplant overseas. Although the initial results of my hair transplant looked promising, after almost a year it was clear that my appearance looks pluggy, unnatural and botched. Even more than this, this unnamed hair clinic overseas has left the back and sides of my head in permanent damaged scarring form. Whereas before I only suffered hair loss, now I was sporting a botched front hairline with visible scars on the back and sides of my head.
My story finally gets better when I discover Dr. Yazdan and his excellent hair restoration team. Miraculously he has slowly and artfully restored much of the damage done to my hairline over the past decade. My hairline has been improved on and the damage and the scarring at the back of my head has also been attended to as best as it can be. Dr. Yazdan was honest with me from day one and I appreciated when he told me that he could not do miracles, but assured me that he would do his best. He did not fail me on that promise. What also heartens me is that while there is not much more that can be done, the intimate contact and personal checkups will always be there.
I urge any readers, don’t let yourself be fooled like I was. Hair restoration is an expert’s business and only the absolute experts, like Amir at Modena Hair Institute, should be trusted to work on your hairline.

Dr. Amir Yazdan, MD, is an internationally renowned hair transplant surgeon, expert guest on Dr. Phil and The Doctors, creator of the GroMD hair restoration product line, ISHRS member, and a visceral advocate for patient care. Learn more about Dr. Yazdan or read rave reviews from his patients.