Hair transplants aren’t just for scalps – are you a candidate for a beard transplant?

It’s true what they say – we often want what we don’t have. Luckily, medical advancements have made it easy for us to get the bodies and traits we desire.
Hair transplants aren’t just for scalps anymore. We can use the same techniques done in traditional hair transplant surgeries to create the beard you’ve always wanted. FUE and Strip techniques can be used to extract hair follicles from the donor area. These follicles are then transplanted onto the face in the desired shape to create a nice, full, natural beard. The process is as simple and straight forward as a hair transplant procedure. And the healing time is similar as well.
Beard transplants aren’t just for those who are unable to grow a beard naturally. This procedure is a great and effective solution for those suffering from patchiness and thinning of the beard.
Here at Modena, we have given hundreds of men the beard they always wanted. If you’re interested in finding out if you’re a candidate for this revolutionary advancement in hair transplants, give us a call for consultation.