Hair transplants for hair line lowering

Many men who experience hair loss experience it in the form of a receding hair line. A receding hair line is when the front hair line loses hair over time causing the hair line to appear as if it’s being pushed back. This also gives the appearance of a larger forehead.
While other types of hair loss such as diffuse thinning or crown balding can be concealed relatively easy, a receding hair line is harder to disguise. Luckily, there’s an option for those wishing to have a more youthful hair line.
Hair transplants.
Hair transplants are a great option for those suffering from hair loss, thinning, or a receding hair line. Transplanted grafts can be placed in any area of baldness or thinning, creating natural density and coverage across the scalp.
When transplanted grafts are placed in or around the hairline, they restore the hair line to a more natural, youthful level. Bringing the hair line forward also reduces the amount of exposed forehead.
For some with naturally large foreheads, hair line lowering helps them achieve the smaller forehead they always wanted.
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