35 yr old male FUT – 3,028 grafts

A new entry has just been added to Modena’s male hair loss success stories!

Diagnosis: FUT transplant – Age: 35 – Sex: Male – Grafts: 3,028

Dr. Yazdan’s fine artistry is demonstrated by the dramatic transformation which these before/after pictures bear witness to. The patient, a 35 year old male, was suffering from noticeable thinning on the top of his scalp and a receding hairline.

FUT involves the removal and transplantation of individual hair follicles from a strip of scalp, the procedure is easily performed under local anesthesia. In this case our patient’s appearance was strikingly improved by Dr. Yazdan’s 3,028 grafts of FUT artistically applied so as to volumize thinning areas of the scalp and restore our patient’s hairline to its former luster. The pictures speak for themselves!