I’m only 19, why am I balding?

This is a common question we receive here at Modena Hair Center. Many individuals, men in particular, wonder why they are experiencing balding in their teenage years or early 20’s.
Balding at an early age can cause confusion and embarrassment. While most men experience balding as they mature into their 30’s and 40’s, it is not uncommon for men to experience balding as soon as they become adults.
The age at which men experience balding is highly influenced by genetic factors. If the men in your family experienced early balding, you are likely to suffer the same fate.
While genetics play a big role, it is still possible for you to bald at an early age without having a family history of the trend.
Luckily, noticing your hair loss early on is beneficial. Men are more likely to notice and deal with their hair loss if it impacts them at an earlier age. Dealing with hair loss at the first sight of symptoms is the best way to reverse hair loss while also preventing continued and future hair loss.
Dealing with hair loss in the early stages
When hair loss is noticed in the early stages, it is more likely to be reversed. Additionally, the individual’s effort is more likely to prove successful at warding off future hair loss.
When you notice hair loss right away, you have likely caught the condition before the hair follicles have died. This is great news because once a hair follicle dies there is no bringing it back to life. That means that once that hair follicle dies, that hair loss is permanent.
If you catch the hair follicles before they have died, you can utilize medical management methods to restore your hair, reversing the hair loss. Examples of effective medical management tools are medication, topical solutions, specialized shampoos, laser therapy, and PRP therapy.
These medical management tools can not only help to reverse recent hair loss, but will prevent future hair loss as well. This prevention will be the key to maintaining and protecting your hair.
If you’re experiencing hair loss and would like to find out more about your options, give us a call for a consultation today.