I’m not happy with my hair transplant results. What are my options?

We get many patients who come for consultations from other hair transplant offices seeking second or third opinions on their hair transplant results.
These individuals are often unhappy with their results and want to know what their options are for fixing their hair and restoring their happiness and confidence.
The first step in evaluating your hair transplant results, is to establish a timeline.
How long ago was the surgery?
Timeline plays a big role in hair transplant recovery and being able to determine the results.
The next step is to establish a history.
How many grafts were transplanted? Where are the donor and recipient zones? What were the goals of the hair transplant surgery?
This information is crucial to gauging what, if any goals were met.
Once you have this important information, you can begin discussing and exploring options.
If the surgery was botched, meaning you have undesirable results such as bad scarring, no graft survival, or increased hair loss, you may need another hair transplant surgery. While this isn’t something anyone wants to hear who just spent thousands of dollars on a hair transplant surgery, this may be what is required in order to fix your botched surgery and provide you with a satisfactory and acceptable appearance.
If it’s too soon to tell, you may need to hang tight and wait a few more months. Sometimes, after just a couple of months, individuals feel that they are not experiencing the growth they should be given the circumstances of their surgery. While this may be the case, hair growth cycles differ person to person, and it may be too soon to tell if your surgery was indeed botched or if your hair is just taking a little longer to grow.
If you are concerned about the results of your hair transplant surgery, and want to get a second or third opinion to explore your options, give us a call for a consultation.