The importance of graft placement in hair transplant surgery

FUE Hair Transplant done by Dr. Amir Yazdan. Individual results vary.
Hair transplant procedures are a great way for those experiencing hair loss to reclaim their hair. Hair transplants allow you to have your own natural hair restored in areas that have been balding for years.
When done properly, your friends and family will never know you had a procedure done. It looks that natural – because it is. Unfortunately, not all hair transplants are done properly.
Some surgeons, whether because of laziness or inexperience, cut corners in hair transplant surgery which can cost patients the results of their procedure, leaving them with what we call a botched hair transplant surgery.
One of the ways in which surgeons can greatly effect the outcome of hair transplant surgery is with graft placement.
In order for the hair transplant to look like naturally growing, young, healthy hair, the grafts must be placed in a natural formation. This way, the transplanted grafts will blend right in with the surrounding native hairs, leaving no one the wiser that you’ve had a restorative procedure done.
Natural-looking graft placement takes time and expertise. It can be quite tolling on the surgeon, as they often have to put strain on their back, put in long hours without breaks, have steady hands, and a meticulous eye.
Inexperienced or lazy hair transplant surgeons rely on the use of machines or technicians to perform the bulk of the surgery and ease the difficultly and strain of high-quality hair transplants. This, unfortunately, causes an increase of risks such as scarring, plug-like looking grafts, damage to hair follicles, and low graft survival rate.
Your prospective hair restoration surgeon shouldn’t cut corners, and neither should you. Make sure that your hair transplant and investment will yield great results by thoroughly researching and asking questions.
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*Individual results vary.*