Is a Hair Transplant a Risky Procedure?

Hair transplant is a surgical process used as a hair loss treatment. If you are suffering from baldness and want to rid yourself from hair loss than a transplant may be right for you.
As with all cosmetic surgical procedures, there is risk involved. Like with many things in life, you need to balance the risk versus reward. Finding an experienced surgeon who specializes in hair restoration will greatly reduce the “risk” factor.
Overall, a surgical hair transplant procedure whether it may be FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) or the Strip method is a completely safe procedure.
Generally speaking, risks are usually limited to:
Swelling – This is your body’s way to heal an area as blood reserves collect in the area. Mild swelling is normal after a hair transplant, but excessive swelling that might result in black eyes requires immediate medical attention.
Bleeding – Similarly to all wounds, bleeding may take place as the body heals. Rarely, a graft might dislodge from the area, which results in excessive bleeding that will require pressure to stop.
Numbness -Some transient numbness is inevitable. Typically, and if any, this is felt at the suture line or graft sites and generally lasts from 3-18 weeks.
Pain -This is actually a good sign for it demonstrates that your body is working to heal itself. Often, over the counter medications help alleviate the symptom, and some patients don’t need anything for pain.
Itching -Another sign of healing as your body adjusts to the new follicles and is usually alleviated with regular shampooing.
Infection -Even papercuts are vulnerable to infections if they are not properly cleansed. After undergoing this procedure, and under the guidance of your physician, it is important to regularly clean the wound site accordingly.
Scarring -Scarring generally occurs in FUT/Strip method plantations and is occasionally seen from the FUE technique with an inexperienced physician.
Every individual varies greatly in their physical reactions and healing abilities. Yet, these associated risks are relatively minimal when you’re looking at the bigger picture of what a hair transplant can do for you and your self-esteem for many years to come.
In hindsight, the ‘biggest’ risk is a bad result or no result from an inexperienced doctor or non-licensed practitioners whom aren’t properly trained to do surgical hair transplants. As long as you feel comfortable that you’re in the hands of skilled, artistic hair transplant doctor, you’re likely to have fantastic results that will look very natural!
Do some extensive investigating to find a well qualified full-time hair restoration surgeon and your benefits will certainly outweigh the costs, these risks are fairly minimal and shouldn’t be a major deterring factor with proceeding with such a life-changing procedure! Having a hair transplant can significantly boost one’s self-confidence and compliment your appearance leaving you with smiles for days, or decades, rather!
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