Are FUE Hair Transplants Permanent?

FUE hair transplant permanent
Permanent Hair Loss Does Not Need to Be Permanent
Before diving into how you can make your hair loss procedure maximally effective, let us say emphatically at the outset that FUE hair transplants are virtually permanent and one of the most successful hair loss procedures available. If you’ve landed on this page you know that the follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedure can give you back that thick head of hair you love and restore your native confidence.
By removing hair follicles one by one from the back of the scalp, where hair is generally the most durable, and then implanting them into thinning or balding areas of the head, an FUE hair transplant can produce an aesthetically flawless and rejuvenated hairline. One of the reasons for the tenacity and permanence of the extracted follicles is that the transplanted grafts are unaffected by DHT – an androgen and the major culprit behind hair loss. In other words, the hair follicles that are extracted and placed into the new site will retain their original properties. This principle of ‘donor dominance’ means that your new hair will be strong, healthy, and shed no more!
The Importance of Finding a Skilled Physician
A successful FUE transplant procedure involves more than simply and robotically extracting and transplanting grafts. To obtain a permanent and tenacious new hairline you need a highly experienced and methodically precise hair transplant doctor who operates with artistic exactness. Pay attention to the technique and device used by the operating physician, as many hair restoration clinics will produce low density and unnatural looking hairlines because of clunky hardware and inexperienced doctors.
An experienced hair transplant physician – someone who specialized exclusively in hair restoration and transplantation – will take into account crucial biographical and physiological details. Board certified physician, Dr. Amir Yazdan, for example, carefully assesses hair density, hair angle variance, hairline shape, hair grouping design, and other elements in order to determine exact graft selection and placement sites. A specialist in the craft, Dr. Yazdan has also developed his own propriety FUE extraction method and personalized set of instruments.
An FUE procedure, if executed by an experienced and skilled physician, delivers long-lasting and aesthetically satisfying results.
The Importance of Post-Op Care
Finally, for your FUE procedure to be maximally effective, and to curb existing hair loss patterns, it’s important to accompany your surgery with medical management of hair loss. Hair transplants by themselves are a strong hair loss option, but are made even stronger when paired with a correct hair loss treatment plan.
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